Imagine a flexible system that allows you to decide who signs a contract

Add as many parties to your contract as you need. One parent, biological parents, all parents in all households—you choose. Signers can be automatically added by Ravenna ADMIT, added by you, or even added by the parents using a proxy account.

Imagine collecting deposits electronically, from whoever pays tuition—not just parents

Collect deposits using credit card or ACH payments from the contract signers or third parties.

Imagine push-button data integration

Automatically bring your newly admitted students into ENROLL from ADMIT, or use the import wizard to bring your re-enrolling students in from your own student information system.

Imagine creating customized contracts that fit your needs

Use as many contract templates as you need. Easily integrate custom fields through the use of template tags. Collect answers to key questions prior to signature. And, attach documents that will be automatically included as attachments to your contracts.

Imagine receiving signed contracts and deposits within hours, not days

Instantly deliver contracts to families in seconds. And, those contracts not signed by the deadline can be automatically expired at a date and time you choose.